Podunk Demo!


I will be leaving for vacation tomorrow, so I’m releasing my progress so far of the Podunk demo (a demo of my progress which will be all of Podunk).

Download the demo

It would be great if people could download it and test it out to see if there’s any glitches and stuff. By the way, I know that most items act like bread when you use them. That’s just until I get all the item usage scripts working.

Here’s the major that’s missing from this Podunk demo:
– Random battles
– Mouse house
– Hospital
– Return lady
– Phones
– Everything in Ninten’s house
– Pippi’s mom
– A working hotel
– Correct music looping and room transitions

Feedback would be very appreciated!

Inventory + Shops

As the battle system is still incomplete, I thought I’d show off something a bit different this update. I have pretty much finished the inventory system,as well as the shop system. It’s 95% done – I just have to make it so you can give items to other party members, but that’ll come when I add the ability to have multiple people in your party.

Anyway, here’s the video showing off the inventory stuff:

Expect a Podunk demo in a week or two 🙂 (keep in mind that I will not be releasing the source code for the demos I release – they’re mainly just to show the progress I’ve made)


NPCs are now working 🙂

They have random movement, physics, and can talk to you just like in EB0:


It might be a while until the next update. I think I’m gonna be working on the battle system, which will possibly be one of the most annoying parts of this project. Once I get it working though, I can move on to easier stuff. 🙂

Title/Naming Screen Finished!

I’ve finished doing the font, sound effects, etc. for the title screen of EB0 in game maker, and I think I’ve gotten it pretty much identical to the original. Take a look at this video – let me know if you have any feedback:


Now that that’s done, I’ll get to work on the physics and RPG-like movement, as well as the menu screen. Stay tuned!