Title/Naming Screen Finished!

I’ve finished doing the font, sound effects, etc. for the title screen of EB0 in game maker, and I think I’ve gotten it pretty much identical to the original. Take a look at this video – let me know if you have any feedback:


Now that that’s done, I’ll get to work on the physics and RPG-like movement, as well as the menu screen. Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Title/Naming Screen Finished!

  1. been checking up on this. Sorry man, but this doesn’t look that good. it looks like the EXACT same as EB0 Original, with graphic bugs fixed. you should’ve just used EB original, and edited it alot to the point where it looks like a Whole remade eb0. This looks just like a mini graphic fix.. like a tiny patch.

    • It’s supposed to be EXACTLY the same as the original (or as close as I can get). That’s the whole point – I recreating EB0 in Game Maker and releasing the source so other people can mod it.

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