So what is this project all about, you may ask? Well, I have decided program an (almost) exact replica of the first game in the Mother series, known as Earthbound Zero in the US, in game maker (a well-known engine designed for programming games).

My plan is to make this replica as similar as possible to the original EB0 for NES. Once I have the game finished, I will release it for people to test and to give me feedback or point out any flaws they notice.

But why would I make a replica of a game that anyone can just play on an emulator? Well, once I’m done, I plan to either release the source code, or make a full editor for the game. That way, people will finally be able to create their own mods/hacks of Earthbound 0 😀

I’ll keep this blog updated as much as I can with videos, screenshots, etc. Remember to subscribe, and comment with any feedback you have 🙂

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